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If I have to die, please like that, kissed by Oliver Arno 😍 so much passion! 😊☺️


hello broadway fandom loves

like most of us, i’m looking for some cast recordings. here’s a list of the ones i am actively seeking:

  • rocky
  • bullets over broadway
  • aladdin
  • fun home
  • 1998 sound of music revival (rebecca luker)
  • ny philharmonic’s carousel (kelli o’hara, jessie mueller)

here are…

Hey :)

You still looking for that things? I have something of them. Feel free to contact me via :)

  • Track Name

    Remember me

  • Album

    Triberg 2

Today I feel like…I dont really know how. I listend to this song and now feel a little better :)

But now for the song: Another chance to see Kevin Tarte perform in 2013 was for me to go to Triberg. There is always an after Christmas show and Kevin played there. I was very touched by all songs he sang, but one was very touching. It is called “Remember me” and belongs to the movie “Troja”. Please enjoy this wonderful piece!

If you are interested in more, feel free to contact me!

  • Track Name

    Schlag nach bei Shakespeare

  • Album

    Kiss Me Kate

Today it is Kiss me Kate for you! :)

I decided on one of the last (and most funny) songs from the Bad Hersfeld production this year. In German it is called „Schlag nach bei Shakespeare“ (english: Brush up your Shakespeare).

It was recorded in July 2014 in Bad Hersfeld.


If you are interested in more, feel free to contact me!

  • Track Name

    Ich gehör nur mir

  • Artist

    Pia Douwes


Pia Douwes singing Ich gehör ur mir at the Sommernacht des Musicals XVI. in Dinslaken at July 26, 2014.

A full setlist:
1. Musik! Musik! - Group (Originally from Peter Kreuder written for the German movie “Hallo Janine!”)
2. Ich will heim - Ethan Freeman (Worldpremiere from the Musical ‘Das Wunder von Bern’ which will remiere in November in Hamburg)
3. Easy as life/Vergeet hem/So einfach, so schwer - Ana Milva Gomes (Originally from AIDA, she sang it in 3 languages)
4. Bui Doi - David Moore (Originally from Miss Saigon)
5. Die Welt gehört mir - Pia Douwes (Orignally from Der Besuch der alten Dame)
6. Schwert und Stein - Patrick Stanke (Orginally from Artus - Exclibur)
7. Sünden der Väter - Sabrina Weckerlin (Originally from Artus - Exaclibur)
8. You’re Nothing Without Me - Patrick Stanke and Ethan Freeman (Originally from City of Angels)
9. Tonight - Ana Milva Gomes and David Moore (Originally from West Side Story, sung in a Pop Version)
10. Drown in my own tears - Background Singer (Originally from Ray Charles)
11. Wär ich nur da/Fast Normal - Pia Douwes and Sabrina Weckerlin (Originally from Next to Normal, sung as Medley)
12. 21 Guns - Group (Originally from Green Day)

13. Shadowland - Ana Milva Gomes (Originally from The Lion King)
14. He lives in you - David Moore (Originally from The Lion King)
15. Auf uns - Patrick Stanke (Originally from Andreas Bourani, some words/lines have been changed)
16. Totale Finsternis - Ethan Freeman and Sabrina Weckerlin (Originally from Tanz der Vampire)
17. Jetzt hab ich Seymour - Patrick Stanke and Pia Douwes (Originally from Little Shop of Horrors)
18. Take Me or Leave Me - Sabrina Weckerlin and Ana Milva Gomes (Originally from RENT)
19. Du allein - David Moore and Patrick Stanke (Originally from Starlight Express)
20. Liebe endet nie - Pia Douwes and Ethan Freeman (Originally from Der Besuch der alten Dame)
21. Das bin Ich - Sabrina Weckerlin (Originally from Die Päpstin)
22. Take Me to Heaven - Ana Milva Gomes (Originally from Sister Act)
23. Ich gehör nur mir - Pia Douwes (Originally from Elisabeth)
24. Gethsemane - Patrick Stanke (Originally from Jesus Christ Superstar)
25. Musik der Nacht - Ethan Freeman (Originally from the Phantom of the Opera)
26. Hallelujah - Group (Originally from Leonard Cohen)
27. Licht am Ende vom Tunnel - Group (Originally from Starlight Express)

I do have a full audio available for trade! Audio comes including a 30-minute introducion of a new german musical called “Der Schlüssel”, tracked into 7 selfnamed tracks, and all annoucements as a single song file!

Additional you can receive a translation of the very funny annoucements and of the pre-group!
It is a total of 55 songs!

I’d like to trade. If you are interested, feel free to have a look at our website and contact me :)

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